Black Friday is almost upon us again. It's a day that's marked in the calendars of many and one of the highlights of the retail year. It's just not for us, find out why.
Lists are amongst the most useful and satisfying component of any planner, so we decided to give you extra. Our lists layout includes four separate lists and a handy dotted grid page for when you
Whether or not you stick to a recipe, they're a pretty handy guide to bring about a successful outcome. What's success? It's what you define it as. Sometimes it will be about achieving a long ter
We’re all capable of immense growth, but to grow effectively we need to honestly reflect on where we’ve been to work out the next step forward.
Finding the right balance of space to organise a constantly changing lifestyle is an eternal struggle. We think we’ve nailed it.
Everyone has tasks they need to complete on a regular basis, but struggle to remember or to motivate themselves to do. Be it to make the bed or start a new exercise regime, Regular Tasks is there
If you're anything like me, you might find yourself easily distracted by the latest shiny thing in your life. A hobby or project can quickly take over your life and use the majority of your brain spac
Life is a giant juggling act. Without a bigger picture view of what’s ahead it’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day rush of a busy life. That's where the Monthly Layout comes in.
From 9:00 am today until 9:00 pm tomorrow, I will be donating the profits of all website planner sales to Geelong Mums. Geelong Mums is a local charity that holds a special place in my heart.
To make a plan, you need a vision. Lemonade Dreaming gives you the opportunity to remove all limits and envisage the life you'd like to lead.
Gratitude is a powerful practice. The benefits of daily gratitude practice can be seen in the quality of your sleep, developing a positive outlook and as a tool to help combat stress and depression.
How do you divide up your year? Financial quarters, seasons, or just from the date you happened to first start your planner are all great options.
The Lemon is a big feature of the Lemonade Planner day. Everyone has a lemon or two, usually more. The Lemon is that job that you really struggle to motivate yourself to do. They're sometimes difficul
You can achieve anything with a plan. Even the most overwhelmingly complex ambitions are achievable with a plan. The Lemonade Planner process helps you break down a large project's enormity into
Get Ready for Easter at Piccadilly Market. It's not like we need an excuse to be excited about Piccadilly Market, but when it's timed so perfectly to be organised for Easter there's a special cau
People have, and will continue to achieve phenomenal success without the assistance of other people, but there's little denying that life would have been much easier for them if they had som
Lemonade Planner is just new to the world. The ideas behind Lemonade Planner have been brewing for quite some time (about 25 years by my rough calculations), but 2020, the revolting lemon of a ye

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