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The Lemon

The Lemon is a big feature of the Lemonade Planner day. Everyone has a lemon or two, usually more. The Lemon is that job that you really struggle to motivate yourself to do. They're sometimes difficult, usually boring, but they all serve as a roadblock to motivation...
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Building Good Daily Habits

Everyone has tasks they need to complete on a regular basis, but struggle to remember or to motivate themselves to do. Be it to make the bed or start a new exercise regime, Regular Tasks is there to jog your memory and keep you motivated and accountable to yourself...
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Unpacking Lists & Grids

Lists are amongst the most useful and satisfying component of any planner, so we decided to give you extra. Our lists layout includes four separate lists and a handy dotted grid page for when you need to expand on your thoughts. The Dotted Grid was carefully selected for the unstructured s..
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