Make Lemonade
When life throws you lemons, turn the
sour into something sweet.
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3-Month Undated Planner
Your compact daily companion to keep
you organised, motivated, and make
each day better than the last.

The Lemonade Planning Process

This planner is equipped with all sorts of tools to help you get the best out of your day and start achieving your goals.

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Lemonade Dreaming

  • There’s no need to limit yourself, anything is realistic and achievable in a dream.
  • A fabulous reminder of your values and where you want to be and inspiration to keep moving on those days you don’t feel so motivated to get anything done.

Big Lemonade Brew

  • Make even the most overwhelmingly complex ambitions achievable with a plan
  • Map out the process, define success and foreshadow known limitations and probable hurdles to jump
  • Break it down and create a to-do list

This Month's Lemonade Recipe

  • Our opportunities and restraints change regularly.
  • Assess your problems (the lemons), and the tools and positive things you’ve got going for you (the sweeteners) to help you come up with the right recipe for continuous improvement.

Monthly Layout

  • Calendar for important dates and appointments to remember
  • Set yourself monthly goals to achieve.
  • Every month is a new opportunity to reprioritise what matters most to you, and make sure you’re working on what will bring you the most difference to your life.

Regular Tasks

  • Keep your weekly to-do lists clean by adding your repeating tasks to the Regular Tasks list.
  • Track recurring jobs and build good habits.
  • Organise it the way that makes the most sense to you, group by job frequency, or type.

Weekly Layout

  • Plenty of space for busy people with two days per page.
  • Keep track of your schedule, irregular to-do lists, meal plans, wins and small goals.
  • A Dotted Grid double-page layout per week to use in any way you wish

Dotted Grid

  • Free space lightly marked with a dotted grid.
  • Take notes, doodle, mindmap, sketch, paint, journal, record finances, stick photos, mementos, it’s only limited by your imagination.

Monthly Lemonade Plan Review

  • A review of what you Loved, Loathed, Longed For, and Learned over the previous month.
  • Reflect on what you want to do more of and what you want to avoid or find better strategies to deal with.


  • Organise and calm the mind.
  • Keep focussed and motivated.
  • Record all the things that are important for you to get down on the page.

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